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Auto Glass Caledon

Discussions over the collisions and auto repair are always centered on the paints, dents, checking the panel alignment, and structural straightening. But one major thing that is neglected in these discussions is auto glass repair. The Auto glasses are one of those parts which are prone to damage every time an accident or collision takes place. We at the auto market Caledon try to provide you excellent repairing and replacement services for your damaged auto glass.

Today, there are many DIY techniques available in the market for repairing your damaged windshield or window glasses. But the fact is that these techniques are just hit and trial. There are instances when these techniques do not work and end up increasing the damage. It is always good to hire the services of experts to take care of the damage for you.

At the Auto market, Caledon we can provide you excellent repair and replacement services for the auto glass of your vehicle. You can enjoy the following services from our team of

expertsThere are instances when these techniques do not work and end up increasing the damage. It is always good to hire the services of experts to take care of the damage for you.

Afghan Auto Glass

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Tinting and filming

These operations are under our additional services belt. If you like to style your vehicle, then our wide range of films can really impress you. These films not only provide a stylish appearance to your vehicle but also act as protective barriers from the sun rays.

mobile repair services

Mobile repair services

This service is one of the factors of our leadership. There can be incidents when your car/truck can incur damage and you are left on the roadside helpless. In these situations, you just have to call us and we will reach you on the accident site as soon as possible. Other than this, if your vehicle is at your home and is not in the position to be taken to our garage then we can come to your place to pick it.

Warranty on our replacement

Warranty on our replacement

We provide warranty for the products replaced by us. You can enjoy the warranty benefits if you pick the replacement product from our inventory. Our inventory is a great attraction for most of the automobile lovers. You can find many things here to beautify your car.So, if you are looking to hire someone to treat your damaged auto glass then you should definitely give us a chance to serve you.

Benefits to the insured vehicles

Benefits to the insured vehicles

Due to our brand value, we have links with almost all the major insurance firms. This can really help you in getting the monetary benefits of your insurance policy.

Afghan Auto Glass

Window glass repair/replacement

Window glass repairing requires high skill level. This is because a slight misalignment can cause an obstruction in the seamless motion of the window glass up and down. Our experts are very particular about the quality of the repairing services. We never try to fix the damaged mirrors, but we try to make them new like.

Mirrors repairing and replacement services

Damaged mirrors can really pose serious problems for a vehicle driver. So, you should always try not to travel with damaged mirrors.
Our team provides excellent repairing and replacement services for all type of mirrors. The thing with the rear view mirror is that when the damage occurs most of the times the whole structure carrying the mirror gets damaged.

Treatment of damaged windshield

Again, a highly sensitive job and requires great precision. The nature of the windshield material demands the workers be very accurate in their work.
A slight mistake can ruin the entire windshield. The professional experts at the Auto market, Caledon can treat the damaged windshield with accuracy and in no time.

Our Services Our Service Plans To Meet All Your Demands

Our objective is customer satisfaction. With this purpose in mind, we endeavor to provide comprehensive services for any type of glass repair or replacement for your car. We have a skilled team that is adept at repairing or replacing the glass of cars of a variety of makes and models.



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