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The windshield is one of the most important structural components of a car. A windshield that is intact and properly installed is vital in order to avoid accidents and thereby protect the passengers of the car. In addition to this, the windshield prevents dust, debris, water, etc. from entering the car.

Hence, one should ensure that the windshield is not chipped or cracked when undertaking a journey in the car. The windshield can be repaired under certain circumstances. However, sometimes replacement is the only option.

It is best to consult our professional auto glass repair technician regarding what your windshield requires. Our skilled technicians will examine your car to determine which option you should consider. We offer sincere advice to our customers and suggest repairs so as to offer them cost-effective services unless repairs are not possible.

Get High Quality Auto Glass Repair services For Damaged Windshields

Having your own vehicle is very important these days so, the people purchase them but they really don’t care about their glass repair and maintenance problems. With so many drivers on the road, you can experience huge traffic of vehicles so, increased chances of your luxurious car getting cracked or damaged. Being a vehicle owner, I can say that chipping on your windshield or repairing a tiny crack prior to it has the opportunity to grow up into a bigger chip and crack which would need complete auto glass repair or replacement. Primarily because of weather conditions which keep fluctuating from summer, rainy and winter. As you know your vehicle’s windshield keep contracting and expanding with the fluctuation in temperature ranges so, a small chip may become a colossal crack the next day.

Since auto glass replacement is the matter of quality as well as money so choosing a right and exclusive auto glass replacement or repair provider is vital. With the increased development of auto glass industries, now people can enjoy exploring so many options to choose from. But at the same time, it also creates much confusion in the mind of selector. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that you need to think much as you can hit the Google; it will provide you the list of best Afghan Auto Glass. While discussing the glass replacement, windshield replacement Toronto is at the top of the list. So, getting the benefits of glass repair offered by auto glass repair toronto would be a great option for you.

List of services offered by Glass repairing services provider

Most interesting things about Afghan Auto Glass toronto


Top grade services-

Maintaining the quality and safety of your vehicle is necessary and a vehicle repair and replacement provider can offer with these both. Whether you want to access these services for damaged glasses with scratches, chipped glass or displaced glass, they will always serve you with the best. They not only fix the tiniest crack but also offer a top quality windshield replacement and installation services. Apart from this, they always hire well trained professionals that know how to perform vehicle repairing are known to many advanced technologies related to the repairing of vehicles. They not only repair the chip or fill the crack accurately but also restore the lucidity of the glass.


Reliable and quick services

The best thing about the technicians is that they specialize in glass replacements and know how to perform their tasks right and on time. You can get your glass repaired or replaced on same day or on the next day when you provide your vehicle to them.


Affordable services-

While thinking about the price ranges, auto glass tinting toronto are offering reliable services at reasonable price ranges. They always try to keep their services up and costs affordable and low. With most of the windshield replacement toronto, instead of repairing it they like to replace the whole windshield.


24/7 customer care services

When it comes to the customer care services, auto glass and windshield replacement Toronto are perfect for providing courteous and timely services. If their clients need any type of guidance regarding the glass repair process then they always feel happy by assisting them.

Afghan Auto Glass


However, repairs can be carried out only under certain conditions

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    The windshield’s impact size should be less than 40mm diameter

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    The crater of the hole should be less than 5mm.

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    The crater should not be in the driver’s line of sight.

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    There shouldn’t be multiple craters within a gap of 10mm.

In case your windshield is in a condition to be repaired, we repair it with precision using updated technology. For fixing the cracks in your windshield, we inject a resin into the gap and with the help of strong bond forces the glass is repaired. Your glass appears as good as new!

Replacement or repair which one you need to consider for fixing your broken windshield!

Suppose you are driving ecstatically on the road when you hear a sudden, noise? hit of another vehicle hitting your windshield.

A vehicle with the cracked windshield is just like a scary accident. Windshields are crafted to resist damages from different projectiles still a variety of chips and cracks can occur. Depending on the location, such situations can be regular. Regions having serious rainfall and intense hailstorm can see more destruction to their windshields.

In such situations, you need to analyze your vehicle to decide certain things. Like, is the crack easy to fix since some cracks are so small in size and do not cause any problem in visibility or you have to replace it? Get your windshield crack correct at right time is important as otherwise, it will become an apparent risk. Frankly speaking, most of the people consider car repairing as a headache and keep ignoring this issue. But seriously this is the worst thing that you do. Probability is the glasses can be benefited from just an easy repair if it is not then replacement would be a more practical option, to not risk your protection.

A windshield appears as a large piece of glass but in reality, it is two. Usually, vehicle’s windshields are engineered using a solid and laminated glass which is considered as best glass for making windshields. Both sections of glass are connected together using a vinyl sheet after that windshield is installed into your car or truck.

Instead of a sturdy construction, a small piece of stone can chip or crack it. But a crack in windshield does not cause a severe injury.

Here, I am going to share some points that you should examine before going for a windshield repair

When do you need to go for auto glass repair?


In case chip or crack is not affecting the vision of driver then you can simply go for the repair instead of replacing it. So, it is something that you need to check in details whether it is small or large in size.

Quarter Test

Take something in your hands in order to measure the chip or crack in your windshield. Give a close view on whether quarter envelops the damaged spot completely or not. In case does, an opportunity is you can get your windshield repaired. As little chips and cracks can expand with time so, the better to deal with them during early stages.

Multiple layers damage

Every time a chip or crack infuses the different layers of crack or glass inside the windshield then this would be really the time to get your windshield replaced.

Getting your windshield replaced or repaired is important to make this sure that your vehicle offers a safe environment to drive.

Shapes and sizes-

If your vehicle holding a crack which is shaped like a semi-circle and measuring around one inch or more than this, causing a problem in vision then you have to go for replacement services. Vehicle cracks with sizes around 6 inches and offering an ambiguous vision to the driver need to be repaired.

Making a right decision on repairing or replacing a windshield is essential to have a vehicle completely safe to drive. Different types of cracks can be filled with dirt gradually deteriorating the configuration of glass, resulting damage viewing facility which may cause an accident.

Based on the location, size and damage, you can decide which option is suitable for you and can fix your auto glass problem. In case you will not be sure whether your windshield requires replacement or repair, contact an auto glass repair service provider. A small size crack can be corrected in less money and time but once it gets spread then it can lead to a big damage, resulting replacement of whole windshield.

Till now, you have surely made a decision regarding your windshield so, I think we should discuss about next required thing.

How to search out a glass repair or replacement company near to you?

The very first thing that you need for replacing or repairing your vehicle is a reputed company which is located near your residence. For this, the internet is the best place; you simply need to search through Google. It will offer you with a wide range of options to choose from, in your local area. You can access their contact us page to get more information about their location or contact number. Or simply find their locations using online map. You can also ask your neighbors or friends, they will also guide you better. Usually, people don’t like too much research on companies and give their luxurious vehicle to anyone for repair. This is really not a right thing so; always try to get detailed information about each and every organization in order to have an idea about the quality of their offered services.

When windshield replacement is the only option

If your car requires a windshield replacement, our professional team will provide quality services to you. It is very important to check the extent of damage to your windshield. This will allow you to make your mind to whether to go for repairing or replacement.

So, before making up your mind you should check:

The size of chips and cracks

The crack size can tell you whether to go for the repair or replacement. The new technologies have enabled us to repair even the big chips and cracks. According to the experts, 3 inches and 14 inches are the upper limits for the chips and cracks respectively. Moreover, there are other factors also which plays an important role.

The depth of the damaged spot

This refers to the penetration of the blow into the windshield. Most of the windshields are made up of 3 layers. If both the outer and inner layers of the windshield are damaged then it is very difficult to repair it.

Location of the damaged spot

Location plays a very vital role in the repairing of the windshield. If the crack stretches to one of the edges of the glass then there are high chances of replacement. Other than this, we also should not use the repair operations when the crack is in front of driver’s eye or in front of the rain sensors, warning sensors etc.

A person should always keep in mind the above factors while dealing with a broken windshield. The Best option is to ask our experts who can provide you the most appropriate advice by looking at the damage.

Benefits of our services:

  • We have a certified team of experienced technicians who are adept at installing windshields in cars of any make and model. We understand how critical it is to ensure precise installation of the windshield and we install it perfectly for you.

  • We offer you a wide choice of windshield glasses from our well-stocked inventory.

  • We restore auto glass back according to industry standards in quick time.

  • We offer you 100% warranty on our services. When you get your windshield replaced by us, we assure you that there will be no leakage. We also provide a guarantee against manufacturing defects. Our workmanship is guaranteed for a lifetime.

  • Our services are affordable.

  • We use high-quality material and updated technologies.

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