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Auto Glass Repair in Toronto

Automobiles are an integral part of our life and also have improved our lifestyles to a greater extent. They are luxurious but expensive too, so maintaining them is very important in order to use them for our daily routine. There can be various situations for car owners when they need auto glass services for their vehicles. We in Toronto offer every type of auto services to our customers whether it is installing, repairing or replacement.

Glass- The most crucial and vulnerable part of vehicle

A transparent material which is mainly made up of Silica is the indispensable part of any vehicle. An automotive glass is manufactured in a different way to withstand extreme pressure and better impact. It has much strength and is more durable than the standard glass used in the windows of houses or buildings.



Safety Glass

Modern vehicles use only laminated glass as it is safe and has more strength. It does not spread easily when shattered. The internal layer of this glass absorbs the UV radiation and gives more comfort to the passengers. Our team of technicians works with the motive of client’s satisfaction and safety. So we give our customers original laminated glass.

Toughened Glass

Tempered glass is a safety glass which is made up of thermal or chemical treatments and offers more strength than the normal glass. It is more resistant to both heat and scratches as compared to other glasses. It is highly used for the vehicle’s side and back windows.



In automobiles, mirrors are used in rear or side view mirrors. It is considered as the important driving accessory. Side mirrors are also known as wing mirrors which help the drivers to keep an eye on behind and side areas. We provide excellent replacement of the broken and damaged mirrors.

Convex Mirror

Convex or diverging mirrors are used to see the behind cars by the drivers because the image produced is virtual but still upright. With us, you will get the finest mirrors which provide a greater field of view to the drivers.

Glass panel sunroofs

Glass panel sunroofs

There are various luxurious vehicles which are equipped with automotive sunroofs in their cars which sometimes get cracked with excessive heat as the major reason. Our auot glass repair services in Toronto provide installation of numerous folding or sliding sunroofs. We offer flexible repairing and installation process of roofs according to the model of the vehicle.

Apart from repairing and replacement services, we also provide various other services:
  • Our customers can avail insurance benefits with us as we offer evaluation purposes of the items that are covered in the policy.
  • You can also get the warranty for our services and products.
  • We support our customers 24/7.
  • We also give roadside assistance to our customers if in case any unexpected or urgent need requires in your road journey.
  • Our auto glass mobile services in Toronto will reach your area to make your journey easy with your vehicle.
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The windshield or windscreen is the front window of the automobile. Windshields play an important role in protecting the vehicle from harsh wind, flying pebble or debris such as insects, and dust. Our auto services in Toronto provide modern windshields which are made up of laminated safety glass. Both repairing and replacement of the automobile are possible with us.


You cannot be sure when your car gets hit by a flying pebble or might be the cold weather which can crack your car’s windscreen. Any little scratch or breakage to the windscreen can destroy the beauty of the car and can affect the visibility of the driver and lead to accidents. So it is better to take your vehicle immediately to the authorized technicians.

Our professional repair technicians can exactly tell you that whether your vehicle needs repairing or replacement. If the cracks are small, then we suggest repairing services. Our technicians fill the crack with auto resins and give your repaired vehicle back in just 30 minutes.


Some damages or cracks are difficult to repair or sometimes they cannot be repaired. Complex multiple cracks, contaminated or large edge cracks are such damages which are hard to repair. So it brings the need for replacement of the damaged windscreen. The process of replacement begins with the removal of the old windshield and plastic moldings with the best analyze angle. Then with the cutting of urethane, the process of installing new windshield starts. It is a process of few minutes if installed correctly in the first attempt.

Our Services Our Service Plans To Meet All Your Demands

Our objective is customer satisfaction. With this purpose in mind, we endeavor to provide comprehensive services for any type of glass repair or replacement for your car. We have a skilled team that is adept at repairing or replacing the glass of cars of a variety of makes and models.



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