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3 Tips to DE-ICE YOUR VEHICLE WINDOWS SAFELY: By Admin, 15 October 2021, 418 135 340

During winter months, you'll unavoidably have to eliminate ice from your vehicle's windshield and side windows. While there are various de-icing methods you can utilize, not all of them are safe for your auto glass.Certain de-icing strategies can leave your windshield with recognizable scratches, chips, or even cracks that require an auto glass fix. To assist you with keeping away from windshield issues this time of the year, the specialists at Afghan Auto Glass share auto glass de-icing tips underneath.

Use Your Vehicle’s Defrost Setting to Melt Ice

The most secure way to de-ice your auto glass is to utilize your vehicle's defrost setting. However, don't wrench the setting right too high when turning the defroster on! Run on a low to medium setting for no less than 20 minutes, so it can continuously soften the ice on your windows.

Remove Ice With a Plastic Scraper

In case you're in a rush, utilizing an ice scraper is the most effective way to de-ice your windshield. In any case, ensure you never scratch the ice off your auto glass with any material other than plastic!

Utilizing anything that is more diligently or more honed than plastic to scratch ice from your windshield can cause huge scratches, cracks, or chips in the glass. What's more, in frigid temperatures, glass harm can spread rapidly. To stay away from a windshield substitution or auto glass fix on any of your vehicle windows, make certain to keep a plastic scrubber in your vehicle all through winter.

Pour Luke Warm Water on the Glass

If you don't have an ice scrubber nor an opportunity to trust that your windshield will thaw out, you can utilize water to rapidly de-ice your windshield and vehicle windows. Yet, if you intend to take this course, ensure you use room-temperature water. Never pour boiling water on your windshield!

In case you're on the lookout for windshield fixes or auto glass substitution of any sort, reach out to our team at Afghan Auto glass. To get started call us today at 416-750-1080. You can also email us at afghanautoglass@hotmail.com.

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