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Advice from Auto Glass Experts By Admin, 30 December 2020, 418 135 340

Windshields are made of fragile glass and that is the reason they are more prone to accidental damage. Whenever there’s an issue, it is better not to continue driving to prevent further damage. This is where you would hire an auto glass expert. Below are some advice we suggest:

Don’t Drive over Uneven areas:

If you are having any chip or crack in your windshield, we cannot stress enough, please do not drive your car over uneven areas as the unusual jumps will immediately damage your windshield.

Don’t wash your car when windshield is damaged:

I know there are certain people who have their regular car wash planned and paid in advance. But believe you us, High pressure car wash will turn your partial windshield damage to an even bigger issue.

Don’t forget to follow these tips whenever there’s problems with your windshield!

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