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Future of Windshield Technology By Admin, 30 December 2020, 418 135 340

Technology in the automotive industry is advancing at a rapid rate. Major brands like BMW, Mercedes, and Tesla, have implemented major advancements in their cars.

Now that we are stepping into the New year, we are quite excited abou all the upcoming new features that are being added into the new car models. Here in this article, I have rounded up a few technological advancements associated with Windshield and auto glass. Read On!


Many standard automotive brands, like Mercedes Benz, Ford, BMW, all have introduced new car models that are equipped with heated front windshields.

These windshields will deice and defog quickly, and on their own. This is ideal for individuals living in areas that have extreme winters, and a lot of snow. They operate like heated rear screens; however, the absence of black lines sets these windshields apart.

How do they work? These new windscreens use a network of fine, clear heating wires that spreads across the glass lamination. These wires are invisible to the eye, and thus, don’t hinder the driver’s vision.


McLaren’s concept of a wiperless windshield continues to be a work-in-progress as of 2019, however we are looking forward to hopefully seeing them in action on the roads by 2021. These windscreens won’t need any wipers to scrub off liquids and ice. They have the power to slide off any wet substance as soon as they hit the windshield.

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