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Debunking 3 common myths about Auto Glass replacement. By Admin, 02 March 2021, 418 135 340

Auto glass replacement myths are common! And if you are not getting the best advice from certified glass replacement experts, you may be under false assumptions. So, in order to help you make smarter decisions, we are going to debunk 3 common myths.

1-DIY Repairs are good Enough:

Yeah, repairing a windshield for $10-15 is always what everyone wants and for this purpose, people try to use DIY windshield because they are cost effective. But literally, these windshields will do more harm than good. So, don’t fall for cost effective solutions every time rather try to opt for permanent solutions because they are the right solutions!

2- Insurance premium will increase:

Many vehicle owners used to think that if they claim for windshield replacement their insurance premium will always increase. But it’s true only sometimes because it depends upon your insurance company. Therefore, don’t assume that it will always increase.

3- Auto Glass Replacement is Quite Expensive:

Replacement is neither very cheap nor outrageously expensive. Because many shops like Afghan Auto Glass provide multiple discounts to their customers on cash payment. Hence, this myth is also false. Consult with your company and get discounts.

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