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Laminated vs Tempered Autoglass By Admin, 02 Aril 2021, 418 135 340

There are many types of auto glass available in the market for vehicle. Laminated and tempered glass is of two types: most vital and decisive. But you will be very excited to see the difference between laminated and tempered auto glass. These two auto glass are lifesaving auto glasses.

Laminated auto glass:-

Laminated are made up of two plates of glass sheet which are bounded on each other. The inner layer is made up of plastic called polyvinyl butyral, also known as PVB. The best thing of this glass is that while any damage occurs, it does not break into the pieces.

Tempered glass:-

Tempered glass is made by heating and quickly cooling a pre-cut normal piece of glass in a tempering furnace. This is also known as toughened glass. Tempered glass is commonly used for passenger seat while laminated is used for rear and front windshield. It is five times stronger than a standard glass sheet. Windshield is the beauty of the car and the safety of the driver. Tempered glass breaks into small pieces which is not even painful as other typical glass.

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