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Signs that you need to repair your windshield. By Admin, 02 January 2019, 418 135 340

Normally, it is quite easy to identify whether you need windshield replacement or not because usually the signs are obvious, especially you start to experience low visibility. But still, there are some conditions in which mostly people get confused about whether they need windshield replacement or not. Let’s have a look on the signs that demonstrate the need of windshield repair or replacement.

1. The Size of Crack or Damage:

If the size of crack is wide and more than 1.25 inches, you must have to replace or repair your windshield.

2.Winter wasn’t kind to your windshield:

Winter is the cruelest to your glass windshield because in Winter it rains, snows and sometimes even hails. Sudden changes in the weather causing sudden changes in the temperature, it can result in turning tiny cracks and damages into the larger cracks and damages. Hence, always take tiny cracks seriously during the winter time and go for windshield replacement.

3.Your Inspection is coming Up:

You should be familiar with the vehicle inspection in your region so you always have your car in good condition in order to avoid any trouble from the officials.

4.White Haze at the edges of the Glass:

If you start to see haze around the edges of your windshield, take it seriously because it indicates that the windshield is getting separated from the plastic glass. This is dangerous while driving, and should be addressed immediately.

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