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Auto Glass Repair: Which types of windshield chips and cracks can be fixed? By Admin, 02 Aril 2021, 418 135 340

If you are dealing with windshield cracks/ chips and do not know whether you have to replace your windshield or repair, we are here to provide you brief detail regarding this issue. Below we will discuss which types of windshield chips or cracks are eligible for repair.

Combination break

It may include many types of multiple damages. So your priority should be to repair those cracks as soon as possible. Unless your windshield won’t sustain longer and leads you toward replacement which will hit your pocket a bit high.

So if your windshield is having chips or cracks, you should need to consult an auto glass repair company like afghan auto glass to determine whether it can be repaired or not.

Edge crack

This type of windshield crack starts near the edge of the windshield or starts from the edges. It is usually ten to twelve inches long. These types of cracks start two inches from the edge. Usually, a crack less than six inches can be repaired.

Floater crack

The type of crack which usually starts from anywhere or from the middle of the windshield is known as floater crack. Floater cracks spread very fast and it is mandatory to consult the auto glass repair company immediately. So an expert determines whether it can be repaired or replaced.

Stress crack

Have you ever faced a crack windshield that occurs without any damage to the windshield? There are multiple causes of these cracks, but a few of the most common are as follows.

1. These cracks usually occur when the car is overheated. Heat causes the glass to expand which as a result cracks the windshield informally.

2. Windshield age is another cause of these cracks. If your windshield is quite old you should have to replace it.

Although these cracks are considered minor. If not repaired timely, they can get worse and lead you toward windshield replacement.

Consultation is always the best remedy. So, if you are having any queries regarding your windshield, we (Afghan Auto Glass) are here to guide you cooperatively.

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