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Windshield replacement covered by insurance. By Admin, 02 January 2019, 418 135 340

Yes! Windshield replacement can be covered by insurance.

There are mostly two types of coverage offered by insurance companies: Comprehensive Coverage and Full Glass Coverage.

Comprehensive Converge on a car insurance policy is the one which helps to pay the cost of windshield repair or replacement. But it works only in certain conditions such as:

·If the tree branch falls on your windshield.
·If the baseball hits the windshield.
·If a pebble hits your windshield while driving.
·If any animal hits your windshield

These conditions may vary from one insurance company to another. That is the reason I recommend you to double-check with your insurance company which type of coverage they are providing,

Full Glass Coverage:

Full Glass Coverage is available in some provinces right now as a part of Comprehensive coverage. One of the best benefits of this coverage is that you may not have to pay deductible for the repair of your windshield. If this coverage is available in your province, I recommend you to go ahead with this coverage.

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